Sunday, 12 October 2008

Shoes of the day

I don't tend to shop much at Primark as I don't trust where they get their stuff from, however I figured shoes probably aren't made by small children therefore I do fall prey to their cheap prices. These shoes were a tenner. Scary Spice is back.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Monday, 6 October 2008


Why do people sleep during lectures? Why can't they wait till their dead? Oh wait, they probably already are, the bunch of zombies.


When I started at uni I had this grand idea that I'd be meeting like minded people who were actually interested in the course and talking about wrong I was!

I could understand in sixth form and back at secondary when no one was interested and all we did was sketch plants, I mean, its a given that no one will be overly interested! You can see plants any day, you don't need a load of fourteen year olds doing their 'impressions.'

I think it gets too much for me when someone tries to not do the work and attempts to scam off me. I've been bribed with fags, cider and sex. All very unoriginal and uninspiring. My boyfriend Ethan doesn't know about the seduction attempts. Somehow I don't think he'd approve... He's so different to everyone at Uni. Older than me for a start, and he has a job, car and no student loan to reimburse. Too good to be true huh?

Maybe he is. Sometimes I find it easier to tell my friend Ben about art and uni. I get scared Ethan will think I'm too childish for him, so I keep my rants online and in Ben's living room. Ethan's mentioned Paris...I've never been to the Louvre and we can possibly go without seeing it right? So I'm hanging on.

I have this theory (being an art fan and all) that being in love is being blind to someone's faults and loving someone is accepting them. Ethan seems perfect, therefore surely I am in love with him? At least the Abbey he knows must be...